Nele (try to pronounce it as "naila" and you are getting close) Needs A Holiday writes songs about "the tragedies of daily life": about the boyfriend that dumped you, about getting kicked out of art school, about creepy guys that are trying to get your telephone number while you try to concentrate on waiting for the train, about waking up and only vaguely remembering the dance moves you were inventing last night... Everytime something goes wrong in Neles life, she writes a song about it. This results in songs like "Loser's Twist", "I Really Wish I Was A Bitch" and "I Love You But I Google Other People".

At Neles side stands her all female band, that delivers delightful backing vocals, a whole lot of "shalala" and an instant holiday feeling. The music could be described as mean folk, friendly lo-fi, acoustic punk or new objectivity. Nele is inspired by anti-folk heroes like Jeffrey Lewis, Daniel Johnston and The Moldy Peaches, but also by sixties girlbands like The Ronettes, The Chrystals and The Shangri-Las. Further inspirations are a desire for revenge, the occasional hangover, a wide variety of personal issues, a complete lack of self-confidence, and that feeling you don't want to wake up.

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